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Soil Amending

Soil Amending

The definition of soil amending is adding material to the soil to improve its physical or chemical properties.

The physical properties of soil and the relationship between a tree’s root system and the characteristics of the soil in which they grow has a greater influnce on tree health than any other factor. By knowing more about soil texture, structure, PH, and water holding capacity, an arborist is better equipped to manage trees in an urban enviroment.

Arbor Roots provides a soil amending treatment every spring and fall for trees and shrubs using natural ingredients and slow-release fertilizers. By doing this we replace nutrients that have been lost or used up by the tree or shrub. In the forest setting trees lose their leaves or needles that fall to the ground and remain on the forest floor. The leaves then start the breakdown process, putting natural nutrients back into the soil that the tree or shrub can use for health and growth. In the urban setting trees lose their leaves and they fall to the ground and are cleaned up by homeowners, landscapers, and parks department workers. This disturbs the natural replenishment process for the soil.

Compaction of soil is one of the biggest problems in the urban setting. Compaction can be caused by construction, foot traffic, vehicle traffic, etc. The soil amending treatment is a great way to maintain and promote good health for mature trees, young trees, newly planted trees, shrubs, and all other plant life you may have in your landscape.