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Plant Healthcare

Plant Healthcare 1Trees have been developing for almost four hundred million years. Bacteria, fungus, viruses, and insects have evolved alongside and inside them as well. In that time many complex relationships have been built. Insects and other pathogens commonly use trees as a food source, and in order for the tree to survive it must defend itself. In a tree’s natural habitat, the forest, trees sprout and die all the time with a very small percentage reaching maturity. When we remove trees from this setting and plant them in an urban environment, the needs of the individual tree changes. Since we want to have mature, healthy trees at our homes and in our environment it is up to us to care for and protect them.

Plant Healthcare 2Our plant health care program helps to protect our trees by treating the infestations and infections that attack them and consequently rob them of their energy. After properly diagnosing a problem, we are equipped to correct it safely and efficiently by offering folier sprays, trunk sprays and injections, systemic root injections, and soil treatments to help your tree maintain optimal health and reach maturity.