Arbor Roots - Caring for your trees from the roots up.

ISA Certified & Fully Insured


As Arborists, our skills range all the way from young tree trimming to large tree pruning. We use advanced climbing techniques to prune safely and efficiently and make the proper cuts that allow the tree to compartmentalize (Heal) correctly. There are many factors that come into play before making even one single cut into a tree and every cut made during the pruning process needs to be planned out according to its needs. An Arborist must have the ability to think of trees individually and take into consideration the following:

  1. What species of tree is it? is it hazardous?
  2. How and where is the tree planted?
  3. Does it have root or soil issues?
  4. Is it infested with insects or fungi?
  5. Is it stressed for any other reason?
  6. Is it structured correctly?
  7. Does it have good light penetration?

Pruning 2Improper pruning can severely damage trees and in some situations can make them hazardous. Cuts taken from a tree that are too large or not at a branch collar can cause rapid decay and be a welcome invitation for insects and fungus to invade. Removing the middle branches out of the tree and leaving the tips full and heavy leaves the tree very susceptible to breaking branches, stress and suckers.

Having a certified Arborist and a certified climber is always recommended because they have been thoroughly tested by the ISA to show that they can climb safely and prune properly. Although there are many, many tree care services out there that may give you a lower estimate, many times a poorly executed or incorrect pruning job will incur more expenses in the long run, such as corrective pruning, treatments from becoming infested, or even unwanted removals if a tree becomes hazardous.