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Did you know that pruning fruit trees during the growing season can spread bacteria and disease throughout the canopy? Fruit trees should only be pruned during the winter months. Ethically, we stop pruning fruit trees on March 1st and will resume in late November or December. With that in mind, please remember to only allow your fruit trees to be pruned in the winter ( With the exception of removals, or emergency storm damage ) 

                         !!! Special Message !!!

We would like to thank you for your inquiry. As many of you know, previously we had updated this page to let everyone know that we would only be able to provide our services to our current clients. For the last few years, Arbor Roots has been sought out and feeling drawn towards private estate care. With so many changes in the 2020 work year for us and everyone we feel that it is now time to try this new endeavor and direction for our small business. We look back with so much gratitude on our first 13 years and it was an incredibly hard decision to make, but we are looking brightly to this new chapter and adventure for Arbor Roots. We would like to support you as much as possible during our transition with questions you may have or a referral to a new Arborist.

Please note!!!.... Because we have a Qualified Supervisor license and are of the few in the state that have the reference for EAB on the Denver Forestry website, if you have received an injection for EAB or other inoculations from us in the past, we are happy to continue your plant health care and injections. Do not hesitate to reach out when you are due! 

If you would like to contact us, you can reach Arbor Roots at